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In this section, we invite you to explore Jewish lifestyle and lifecycle events, including our traditions, holidays and customs.

There's an old saying that goes, "Two Jews, three opinions." Judaism is by no means a monolith; it has changed and will continue to change for years to come. Chances are if you go to a handful of Jewish web sites, you'll find dozens of explanations of what it means to "be Jewish" and "live Jewishly." These days, the Jewish experience varies from extremely religious to atheistic and all points in between and our observances, practices and ways of life often reflect this diversity.

As Jews for Jesus, we likewise can diverge from one another when it comes to living out our Jewishness, but as a whole, we can't help but view it in light of Jesus the Messiah.

As you take a look at each of the celebrations, commemorations and ceremonies outlined in this section, we hope and pray that you'll find them not just educational, but also meaningful...because you'll see Jesus in them, too.

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